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                Shaanxi agricultural prominent siege of chemical pesticides, full development of bio-pesticides, achieve strategic transfers!

                Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd.nology limited was informed that on January 14, 2011, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council held in Beijing National Science and Technology Awards Conference, pesticide science and technology achievements in China have three won the 2010 National Science and technology progress Award (second prize), these three outcomes are: 1 Bacterial pesticide research on new resources and industrialization of new technologies, 2 development and application of biological fungicide, Bacillus, 3, rotenone system meter key technology integration of biopesticide industry. From the awards, are biological pesticides! This signal is passed information to the US pesticide industry, bio-pesticides will be the development of pesticide industry in China. National reward for the three bio-pesticide research and development project, showed that the country's attitude towards the development of bio-pesticides and policy guidance, means bio-pesticide industry in China will be faced with new opportunities of development, means of bio-pesticides in China will usher in a new period of development.

                Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd.nology leaders, have long known that the development of chemical pesticides has come to an end, would be a serious bottleneck for enterprise development. There are the following reasons: 1, food safety. For a long time, the development of pesticide industry in China has been relying on chemical pesticides, and a large number of the use of chemical pesticides, pesticide residues in agricultural products increased seriously polluted the environment, crisis in human history and life. Pesticide pollution in China is one of the worst countries in the world, pesticides in food detection rates as high as 90%, its severity can be imagined. 2, disease and pest resistance. Agricultural chemical pesticides to control diseases, pests, and resulted in increased resistance to pests in a large number of long-term heavy use of chemical pesticides, especially over the last decade, cotton bollworm, aphids, moth, Plutella xylostella, spodoptera litura and other multiple pests of Chrysanthemum ester type, organophosphate insecticide resistance has increased by hundreds of thousands of times. 3, ecological safety. Chemical pesticides and other chemicals for the environment are very serious. 4, international competition. Since entering the new century, intensifying competition in the market and export trade barriers gradually increased. In recent years, the pesticide products pass across the sea, participating in international competition, achieved great success, and encountered anti-dumping investigations and the increasing trend of technical barriers to trade. According to a report of the United Nations is expected this year green barriers could only make 2/3 of China's Pesticide exports were adversely affected, give exporters the costs and risk of loss will continue to increase. 5, drug screening. For a long time, new drug development of chemical pesticides is becoming increasingly difficult, have become increasingly expensive.

                Chemical pesticides based on the above disadvantages, development prospects, Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd.nology leaders made a significant strategic decision after investigation it was decided: bio-pesticides will be developed, as the company restructuring and development strategies of competitors.

                At present, the Shanxi Xiannong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd.nology State and social issues of common concern the development of chemical pesticides, pests rampant in today's agriculture, pesticide residue issues such as growing and plant pathogen resistance, combined with microbial fungicides, crop and environmental pollution-free features such as security, Microbiology and plant pathology, College of plant protection, Northwest Shaanxi gallon crop science expert Professor An Derong, limited organization and leadership of the group after years of research, from tens of thousands of plants in Qinling forest soil microbial library select a high, sterilization of broad-spectrum and resistance, On crops and non-target organisms and the environment safe biological strains BC79 and its physiological and biochemical characteristics as well as in-depth study on antibacterial mechanism and successfully developed a new type of microorganism fungicide-Bacillus-Qinling. Efforts among researchers under fighting, this new type of fungicide, will soon go into mass production, its broad development prospects will be self-evident, its bound to agriculture and human society to make greater contribution.

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